Worker At Rumford Literacy Fair Confused When 70 Percent Of Purchasers Asked Whether There Were More BTUs Per Pound In Hardcovers Or Paperbacks

rumford maine book sale

rumford maine book saleRUMFORD — Hundreds of books were sold for a dime to a quarter each Saturday during the five-hour Oktoberfest literacy project and craft fair at the Rumford Armory. Volunteers with the River Valley Rotary Club and Hope Association hold the annual event to increase adult literacy, Joe Sirois said during a break from selling books. “We’ve had a good, continuous crowd and people are still coming in,” he said. “It’s been a steady stream of people,” said Catherine Johnson-Lavorgna, executive director of Hope Association and current Rotary Club president. Paperbacks sold for a dime each while hardcovers went for a quarter, many by well-known authors, including Zane Grey, Louis L’Amour, Alistair MacLean, Michael Crichton and Mary Higgins Clark. “We’ve sold hundreds and hundreds of books,” Johnson-Lavorgna said. “The biggest thing is getting them out to kids and people.” It wasn’t about making money, Sirois said. “We’d rather see books go to homes. When you sell them at 10 cents, they go fast. We even have a whole room of children’s books.” (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)