Woolwich Solar Panel Devotee Showcases Computer That Allows Him To Estimate If Can Make Toast Before The Sun Goes Down

Guy Marsden solar toast computer

Guy Marsden solar toast computerGuy Marsden and wife Rebekah of Woolwich plan to show others how to use sunlight year-round to power everything from an electric car to a toaster oven by holding an open house at their home as part of the Green Buildings Open House Tour October 13. The tour, hosted by Massachusetts-based Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) and with online tour support from EnergySage (www.energysage.com), will showcase hundreds of properties throughout Maine and the rest of New England. Participants can see first-hand how homeowners have used sustainable building practices and installed energy-saving devices to cut costs over the long term and to minimize impacts on the environment. Marsden said his Enphase solar array was simple to install with a little help from some friends. The Marsdens launched into the solar project during the summer of 2009 by installing the first 12 of 29 total panels on the roof of the Marsden shop. (read more at the Boothbay Register, if it’s daytime and you’re near a window)