To Become a Wood Pellet Maker, Licensed Forester Says He’ll Have to Chop Really Fast or Buy a Wood Pellet Machine

wood pellet

Future wood pellet maker in Edgecomb

The state’s rapidly shrinking paper industry is putting the squeeze on local landowners who have supplied Maine’s mills with low-quality pulp for decades. When the Verso Corp. closed its Bucksport mill in 2014, it resulted in one less customer for Maine foresters. As a 22-year licensed forester, Erik Carlson of Edgecomb is well aware of the state’s paper mills’ struggles over the past generation. One of his largest customers is the Verso mill in Jay. The Androscoggin Mill purchases pulp wood from Carlson and his clients. Pulp is a low-grade wood ideal for paper-making. But if Verso’s economic struggles continue, then Carlson and other Maine landowners need to find another use for pulp, and making wood pellet fuel could be one. (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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