Women Who Elbow Other Women For A Hobby Tell Rumford High School Girls Not To Elbow Other Girls

Rumford Roller Derby

Rumford Roller DerbyRUMFORD, Maine — A 39-year-old geographical information science manager. A 40-year-old social worker. A 28-year-old who works with autistic children. A 52-year-old former hairdresser and nurse. What do these four women have in common? They play roller derby for the Central Maine Derby team out of Bangor, along with a variety of other women. Despite their differences in age and career, they claim that their love for roller derby is what brings them together. The Central Maine Derby team showcased their talents and their love for roller derby to a small group of incoming female Mountain Valley High School freshmen Wednesday morning inside Puiia Auditorium at MVHS. The roller derby demonstration was a part of their program “Skate Not Hate,” an anti-bullying initiative that the team launched in 2012. Terry Parady, whose derby nickname is “Ransom Note,” told the students, “We’re here for two reasons: to teach you about roller derby and to talk to you about an issue that’s important to us: school bullying.” (read more at Bangor Daily News)