Woman Selling Leaf Lettuce From A Card Table At A Farmer’s Market Seems To Think She Invented Agriculture About Four Years Ago

Outdoor market. Maine News from The Rumford Meteor

Outdoor market. Maine News from The Rumford MeteorSOUTH PORTLAND – The South Portland Planning Board voted unanimously Tuesday to allow the Maine Mall to bring its farmers market out of the parking lot and into center court for its sophomore season, which opens Friday. “So, last time did not work out, I gather?” asked Planning Board member Caroline Hendry. “That’s one way to look at it,” said the mall’s general manager, Craig Gorris. “We thought there would be a little more synergy next to Hannaford in what we call our festival lot. That was probably a miscalculation on our part. It wasn’t the ideal location.” Among the issues, Gorris admitted the expanse of pavement, while also reflecting summer heat onto shoppers and vendors, did not present the agricultural feel one normally associates with a farmers market. A lack of surrounding trees also left the vendors open to the vagaries of the wind, he said. “There are a couple of returning vendors who remember their tents falling down a few times [from the wind],” said the mall’s marketing manager, Stefanie Millette, on Monday. “They don’t have to deal with that this year, so they’re very excited about the move inside.” (read more at Weekly Observer)