With End Of “The Marden’s Lady” Advertising Campaign, Analysts Fear Local Chain May Lose Its Appeal To The Valuable Outhouse Rat Demographic

Birdie Googins

Birdie GooginsOne of the best-recognized commercial characters on Maine TV – “The Marden’s Lady” – will have to find herself a new place for “bahgains.” Karmo Sanders of Scarborough, the playwright and actress who has portrayed the slightly crazy shopper Birdie Googins on commercials for Marden’s Surplus & Salvage for at least five years, said Wednesday that the Waterville-based chain has decided it will no longer use her in advertising. Sanders said she didn’t have a contract with Marden’s but had been making at least four commercials a year for the chain, usually one per season. She said she was told in January that she would no longer be used for commercials. But since Marden’s never announced its departure from the Birdie Googins commercials, Sanders said she didn’t feel right announcing it herself. So she kept silent until asked about it by a reporter on Wednesday. “If you want my humble opinion, I think it was a little rude of them not to announce it. I was wicked popular and one hell of a real deal for Marden’s,” said Sanders, sounding somewhat like Googins as she talked. No one from Marden’s was available for comment. (read more at Kennebec Journal)