Wiscasset Ladies Organ Society Gets Together And Wishes More Of Their Organs Worked

Wiscasset, Maine Ladies Organ Society

Wiscasset, Maine Ladies Organ SocietyThe Ladies Organ Society of the First Congregational Church of Wiscasset was founded in 1822 by a group of 80 women. These women decided, after sitting in church during the Sunday morning sermon in 1822, shivering, with their hands hidden in small muffs, and their feet resting quietly on foot warmers, the church need a stove. The ladies got together and pledged themselves to make an offering of a stove to the worshipers of the church. After 40 years without a stove in the church it must have made quite a difference in listening to the Sunday morning sermons. That was just the beginning of the many contributions made the group of ladies.  In 1827, five years later, the same group of ladies purchased an organ for the Church at a cost of $875, and so the group became known as the Ladies Organ Society. They are perhaps the oldest Congregational women’s groups in the country today. (read more at Wiscasset Newspaper)