Wiscasset Interim Pastor Lauded as Perfect for a Congregation That Just Doesn’t Give a Shit Anymore

wiscasset church pastor

wiscasset church pastorWiscasset First Congregational Church’s new interim minister Susan Craig believes mission work can be done anywhere, close to home or far away. For 11 years, she served with an evangelical reform church in Honduras that built a medical clinic and that helped provide people with housing, clean water and nutrition. The New Jersey-raised, longtime pastor is now focused on helping members of the First Congregational look to the church’s future. That’s a key function of the interim post. John Potter retired as minister in November 2014; Craig gave her first service there Jan. 4. Craig comes to the pillared church on the hill after serving as associate conference minister for United Church of Christ’s Maine Conference. Before that she spent about 20 years as a church pastor in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. She welcomed the opportunity to serve in a local church again with the position in Wiscasset. It’s a type of work that she has great affection for, she said. It’s a temp job, but likely a lengthy one. She anticipates serving a year to a year and a half, long enough for the church to determine what it’s looking for in its next minister and find that person. “Interim ministry is very exciting work and very important work, as a church gets ready to take a next step in its history. So I was thrilled to have a chance to do it. (read more at Wiscasset NewsPaper)