Wiscasset Fire Department’s Save The Basement Strategy Has Apparently Been Working Like A Charm Since 1903

Wiscasset Fire

Wiscasset FireNewspapers have been a source of information for historians and have played an important role in the life of Americans since the “Publick Occurrences,” the first newspaper printed by Benjamin Harris in 1690. Former Editor of the Washington Post, Philip Graham, once called newspapers the first rough draft of history. Local newspapers historically tell the stories important to the community and are often used as a source of information for further generations. An example of that is an issue of the “The Bath Independent” September 10, 1903,  which gave a detailed report of the Hilton House fire in Wiscasset. The remains of that fire is the town’s Sunken Garden on the corner of Main and Federal Street. The story of the Hilton House fire has been told for many years; however, the details of the fire reported in the old newspaper is certainly part of Wiscasset’s history. (read more at Wiscasset Newspaper)