Windham Commercial Strip to Be Transformed Into the Avenue des Champs-Élysées By Installing a Crosswalk

windham commercial strip

windham commercial stripAn ambitious project, five years in the making, aimed at transforming the Windham commercial strip between River Road and White’s Bridge Road intersections may soon begin a long trip toward reality. Planners have initiated a plan to improve safety in the Boody’s Corner area with the creation of crosswalks and count-down pedestrian signals. In addition, sidewalks would be installed on the north side of Route 35 from the intersection to Basin Road. A small but definitive step to what local officials hope will someday be the ultimate alternative to an auto-centric commercial center. The future, they say, will be “a historic style grid creating a fabric of mixed uses and street types…east and west of the transportation corridor…(which) promotes economic development, safety and sense of place. (read more at the Windham Eagle)

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