Windham Voters Say Pooping Indoors Is Overrated

windham maine voters veto sewer

windham votersWINDHAM – Windham voters on Tuesday made their feelings clear regarding the proposed North Windham and Windham Center sewer project by voting overwhelmingly, 6,513-2,036, against the project. If approved, the sewer referendum, which has dominated local politics and council meetings for months as Windham’s leaders have worked with engineers on system design and funding strategies, would have allowed the Windham Town Council to borrow up to $37.8 million toward the system. The sewer was touted as a solution to groundwater pollution and business expansion that would allow denser development of the North Windham commercial strip. Windham voters opposed to the project often cited the poor economy when interviewed outside the polls on Tuesday. (read more at KeepMeCurrent)

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