William Shakespeare Says Refusing To Pledge Allegiance Is Much Ado About Nothing, Wants To Return To Tales Told By Taxpayers, Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing

Hampden City Council

Hampden City CouncilHAMPDEN, Maine — For the first time since the Pledge of Allegiance was added to the start of Town Council meetings, two members who have been abstaining stood up and recited it, alongside their five counterparts. Councilors Thomas Brann and William Shakespeare decided to sit out the pledge because they felt, in part, that the manner in which it was adopted was in violation of council procedures. Brann also told media outlets that he objected to Mayor Carol Duprey’s having dedicated the pledge to those serving in harm’s way, which he took to mean only those serving in combat situations. Shakespeare more recently said in a Bangor Daily News OpEd piece that he and Brann — both of whom are veterans — also objected to the people who introduced the concept, namely Duprey and her husband, Rep. Brian Duprey. The flap over the pledge is among several issues that have divided the council in recent months. The local issue went national last month, when video clips of the two men sitting during the pledge began circulating on YouTube, FaceBook and other social media platforms. Besides angry emails and phone calls, the two were the subject of nearly 50 comments — all but about 10 of them vilifying Shakespeare and Brann — sent to the council through the town website’s feedback mechanism.(read more at the Bangor Daily News)