When The Going Gets Sordid, The Sordid Turn Pro

Tara Ambrose

Tara AmbroseBELFAST, Maine — When Tara Ambrose was growing up, life in her house was not great. “I grew up in an alcoholic family with divorce and a lot of chaos,” the Belfast woman said recently. “But I was a pretty smart kid and I somehow knew it didn’t have to be this way.” Though her own journey has taken her over some bumpy roads and into heartbreak, Ambrose finally has found her way to a happier, healthier existence. And her new business as “The Love Magnet Coach” is her effort to share what she has learned with others in order to help them find romantic success. “It’s really about breaking out of the patterns,” she said. “The way I approach it, it’s a spiritual growth process.” Ambrose said she knows what she’s talking about. For years, she repeated as an adult the patterns she witnessed as a child. Her dad left the family when she was a baby. “I took that message to be, ‘men leave,’” she said. “I created the situation of only being with men who didn’t stick around … that child part really ruled my dating life, so I would stick around guys that weren’t so good for me.” (read more at Bangor Daily News)