West Paris Comic Book Magnate Has Invented Facesterbayuffingtonahoosoftunestubepressipedia, But Can’t Fit Enough Servers In His Van Down By The River To Handle Its Potential

planetmytown.com's dan bru

planetmytown.com's dan bruWEST PARIS — After two years of fundraising and development, a local man working to create the next big social network says he’s selling off the company. For Dan Bru, a West Paris graphic designer and collectibles dealer, it wasn’t an easy decision. “I had to really put my ego in check and decide what was going to be the best course of action,” Bru said. On Friday, he’ll be listing the company on eBay. Bru said he’s keeping 10 percent of the company for himself and 2 percent for his primary investor. His other investors are cashing out. The winner will get 88 percent of the company, along with a business plan, a site map, designs for the website’s layout and the company’s bank account with $10,000. The West Paris graphic designer said he’s been busy with his new profession as a dealer of antiques and vintage art and collectibles. He hasn’t had time to raise money and develop the website, which would combine Facebook with other social sites like Etsy.com, an arts and crafts marketplace site, job search site Monster.com, auction site eBay and many others. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)