Wells Maine Woman’s Body Found 2-1/2 Years and 8 Absentee Ballots After Her Death

absentee ballot voter

wells maineWELLS Maine — Neighbors hadn’t seen Lucie McNulty since 2013. She had little interaction even before then with those living in the rural neighborhood off Route 109. A former coworker told police she had moved to Wells in 2000 because “she wanted to be alone.” Some neighbors thought McNulty might have returned to New York where she had worked as a music teacher. When neighbors saw police at McNulty’s Atkins Road home last Friday, they were shocked to learn the reclusive woman had been dead in her home for at least two-and-a-half years. This after several well-being checks by police over the years showed nothing out of the ordinary, leading police to never force entry into McNulty’s home until last Friday. (read more at Seacoast Online)

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