Well, It’s Not Wuthering Heights, But Firing One Shot in the Air by the Mexico Post Office Is Still Pretty Romantic

MEXICO — A local man is free on bail and awaiting trial in May after pleading not guilty Wednesday to carrying a concealed handgun on Valentine’s Day. Brandon E. Holmes, 25, of 81 Main St. was conditionally released at his arraignment on $200 unsecured bail, a Rumford District Court clerk said  Thursday afternoon. He is not to use or have alcohol, drugs and firearms and is subject to search and testing by authorities, without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, according to his arraignment document in his court file. Mexico police Chief Jim Theriault said Thursday afternoon that Holmes “fired one round from a pistol by the post office after he broke up with his girlfriend.” Nobody was apparently injured during the shooting. “He was highly intoxicated and couldn’t even stand up on his own,” Theriault said. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)