Wales Farmer Saddened by the Unsustainability of Sustainable Farming

WALES — Tall, lean and clear-eyed, Roger Fortin looks fitter than his 70 years. But sitting at his kitchen table at Little Alaska Farm in Wales, the farmer admits he won’t be able to tend to his cows, chickens and assorted critters forever. “I don’t have much time that I’ll be physically able,” Fortin said. He doesn’t want his farm — on which he spent 38 years building and experimenting — to die away. “It’s a substantial, sustainable farm,” Fortin said. “But right now, I’m in survival mode.” He’s cut back to 120 head of cattle and that number is shrinking. The hogs are gone. And the number of chickens is falling. The future will come with an apprentice, he said. With no one in his family ready to take over the 350-acre farm, Fortin is hoping to find someone to pass it on to. He wants someone who yearns to farm as he did. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)