Vintage Linen Display Features Rare Antimacassar Grover Cleveland Used to Wipe His Bottom When the Privy Ran Out of Montgomery Ward Catalogs

vintage linenAt last year’s presentation at the Albany Town House on vintage aprons, some of the displays were placed on tables decorated with tablecloths from bygone eras. “People saw them and said, ‘Next year you should do vintage linen,’” said Norma Salway, one of the organizers. This year the linen-lovers will get their wish. Dozens of handmade doilies, pillowtops, potholders and other items will be on display at a “Vintage Linens Lunch & Talk” at the Town House on Friday, Aug. 10. Like last year, the event is a fundraiser for the Albany Improvement Association, which is working to restore and improve the Town House. (read more, if you’ve got fresh batteries in your pacemaker, at Bethel Citizen)

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