Vegetarian Doctor Touts The Health Benefits Of Having An Adam’s Apple Like A Third Elbow

Vegetarian doctor

Vegetarian doctorCHARLESTON, Maine — The fifth century philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras may be best known for his theorem, but he is also credited with being the world’s first-known vegetarian. He led a group that was well known in ancient times for not eating meat, fish or fowl. His followers, known as “Pythagoreans,” didn’t consume animal meat for ethical reasons and religious objections. The Pythagoreans believed in the idea of metempsychosis, which is the transmigration of a person’s soul into the bodies of other animals. Those who abstained from eating meat were considered to have adopted the “Pythagorean diet” in ancient times. The term “vegetarian” was later adopted in the 19th century for those who didn’t consume meat for ethical or health reasons. (read more at Bangor Daily News)