USM Begins Innovative Program To Get Students To Sit In The Same Room While Texting One Another

In order to replenish excitement and energy to the University of Southern Maine’s Gorham campus, USM staff and administration are establishing specialized floors in the dorms for students with specific interests that promote academics through activities on various floors. After seeing USM’s residential population at a low of almost 1,000 — short of an occupancy goal of 1,275, the staff at USM began to think up ways they could bring campus back to life. It was noticed that students who lived in the Living Learning communities —Woodward Hall’s Russell Scholars Program and Robie-Andrews’ Community of Arts — had much tighter connections to one another than those on regular floors. Last fall, the Gorham Task Force along with President Selma Botman began planning new ways to engage students in campus life again. (read more at the free press)