Unable to Settle on a Prayer to Open Norway Town Meetings, Selectmen Consider Hurling Virgins Into the South Paris Volcano Instead

norway town meetingsNORWAY —  Opening town meetings, as well as regularly-scheduled selectmen meetings, with prayer was tabled by the board of selectmen at its April 19 meeting, pending a decision about how the town will handle public prayer “fairly and respectfully.”  In response to a Person on the Street question, published by the Advertiser Democrat on March 1, about whether municipal meetings should open with prayer, about 125 parishioners of area churches signed a statement attesting to their faith in prayer and God. The Person on the Street was in response to a Letter to the Editor in the paper the previous week. During the April 19 public hearing, members of area churches spoke in favor of prayer, and said that it would be nice if prayer was said at least once a year at the Norway town meetings.   (read more at the Advertiser Democrat)

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