Two Rescued Circus Elephants, Brought To Maine Just In Time For Winter, Wonder If You’d Be Kind Enough To Shoot Them, Please

Maine Circus Elephants

Maine Circus ElephantsHOPE, Maine — Two of the newest residents of Hope are gray, arthritic, enormous and quite wrinkled, but are still a giant hit with the town’s children — and just about everybody else, it seems. Opal and Rosie are two retired Asian circus elephants who arrived a few days ago to live out the rest of their years in a brand-new facility that aims to provide them with cutting-edge physical therapy, innovative nutritional care and much more. “They were outside all morning. They had themselves a nice wallow,” Jim Laurita, a veterinarian and co-founder of Hope Elephants, said last week. “They conquered a dead apple tree yesterday. They were screaming and trumpeting — the elephant trumpet is a sound like no other in the world. We’re really confident that we’re making them very happy.” Rosie, 43, and Opal, 41, leave a big footprint. The inquisitive, intelligent animals each weigh at least 7,200 pounds and chomp on 3 1/2 bales of hay each day, plus 50 gallons of water, Purina elephant chow and 10 pounds of assorted fruits and vegetables. (read more at Bangor Daily News)