Tubby Girls Applaud Spruce Mountain High School Dress Code

girls in classroom

girls in classroomJAY — Seventeen-year-old Shauna Gordon wrote an article in the high school newspaper, Phoenix Prophecies, about the school’s dress code she considers reasonable. Gordon is the assembler of the paper put out by teacher Sue Stevenson’s journalism class at Spruce Mountain High School’s north campus in Jay. Gordon, of Jay, is one of several students who write about different topics each quarter. Gordon’s was the lead story above the fold in the paper this past fall. It was headlined “Dress Code: Is it really that unreasonable?” There has always been a dress code, Gordon said, but last year students were not following it and it got out of hand. During the first part of the 2010-11 school year, it appeared staff was being lenient toward the dress code. Then when it got hotter out, shorts became shorter and tops became smaller, she said. At the beginning of this school year, Principal Gilbert Eaton drafted a more detailed version and put it in the student handbook for both Jay and the south campus high school in Livermore Falls. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)