Trying Out A New, More Upbeat Tone, Governor LePage Says Maine Is The Nicest, Crappiest, Best, Worst, Most Wonderful Hellhole In The Nation, And Pledges To Keep It That Way And Change It

Governor LePage State of Maine Speech

Governor LePage State of Maine SpeechAUGUSTA, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage used his second State of the State address Tuesday to unveil several new initiatives and argue for ones he has been pushing for the past two years. In a speech that spanned more than an hour, LePage wound through energy, education, health care, taxes and numerous other topics, all of which he said were linked to his central goal to bring more prosperity to a state that’s at or near the bottom of most economic measures. For a governor who is known widely for his brash and sometimes abrasive tone, LePage framed his arguments gently. Even members of the Democratic leadership said after the speech that they appreciated LePage’s tone — in the State of the State address as well as in a long-awaited meeting he held Monday with legislative leaders — though they want his “rhetoric” to match his actions. (read more at Bangor Daily News)