Town Planner Didn’t See Calls For His Resignation Coming, Which Explains A Lot

Committee meeting. Maine news from the Rumford MeteorAbout a dozen residents called for the resignation of town planner Tad Redway at a forum held Aug. 25. Also during the meeting, the Board of Selectmen voted to keep the mil rate the same for the 2014-2015 fiscal year at $14.50. In what became an informal, emotional expression of anger toward Redway for performing what the residents said was an unsatisfactory job, residents argued that Redway’s planning was getting in the way of commercial development due to proposed regulations that were too confining. Specifically, residents said they were frustrated about a particular aspect of the town’s comprehensive plan. Chairman Dan Dubois allowed the public comment portion of the forum to continue for more than an hour. Committees and administration in Arundel have been working for more than two years to adjust the town’s comprehensive plan. Town committees have been reconfiguring the comprehensive plan since The Chesapeake Group completed its market and branding study earlier this year. The study concluded the town should utilize its agrarian roots and image as a tool to attract businesses. (read more at The Kennebunk Post)