Totally Unsocialized Homeschool Weirdo Doesn’t Know Where To Buy Bath Salts Or Pot, Has 242 Year-Old Boyfriend

NORTH WATERBORO – While other teenagers may be obsessed with Justin Bieber or “American Idol,” for Amanda Raymond, it’s Ludwig Van Beethoven all the way. “It’s really deep, and very expressive,” she said last week, describing the works of the classical German composer, renown [sic –I see the reporter wasn’t homeschooled] for pieces such as “Für Elise” and “Moonlight Sonata.” Raymond, 17, a home-schooled high school junior in North Waterboro, acts like any one of a dozen other girls her age, until she sits at the piano. Then, she adopts the intensity and grace of a concert performer, even in her living room. That talent and skill earned her prestigious recognition last month, at the Ocy L. Downs piano competition on March 24 at the Portland Conservatory of Music, where she took the top honors. (read more at Scarborough Current)

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