Three Saco Car Dealerships Named Among Best Places In The US To Claim Your Manager Can Knock A Hundred Dollars Off That Trucoat

Jerry Lundegaard. Maine news from The Rumford Meteor

Jerry Lundegaard. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorThree auto dealerships in Saco were recently named as being among the 100 best dealerships to work for across the United States. The local dealerships are Patriot Subaru, owned by Adam Arens, and Prime Volkswagen and Prime Toyota, both owned by Ira Rosenberg. “What an unbelievable testament to the fantastic cultures that these three dealerships have built in the workplace,” said Saco Mayor Mark Johnston. “This is an honor not just for the city of Saco, but for the state of Maine as a whole.” Rosenberg said, “Together Prime and Patriot have put little Saco, Maine on the map in the automobile industry, that’s for sure.” (read more at Sun Chronicle)