Thick Columnist Has Thin Skin

Renee Ordway

Renee OrdwaySome days one needs a strong constitution to embark down the mean streets of the Bangor Daily News online comment section. Truth be told, for those of us who write the piece being commented on, that is probably most days. Some days I’m emboldened, tough and ready for the onslaught of critics who not only vehemently disagree with me but apparently hate me and think I’m wretched, stupid and very unattractive. On Friday, Bangor City Councilor Ben Sprague posted on Facebook that “I don’t always read the BDN comment section but when I do I feel like this.” His accompanying illustration was a picture of what appeared to be an angry owl being sprayed with a garden hose. Let it be noted it clearly was a picture from the Internet, most likely of an owl in captivity being cleaned off. I’m sure the owl was not being injured but being cared for, possibly at a wildlife rescue facility. Please don’t post comments that Ben is an advocate of owl abuse. I don’t know him terribly well, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t. (read more at Bangor Daily News, then DIAF, you jerk)