The Wilton Spork Magnate. Women Want Him, Men Want to Be Him

Wilton Maine spork magnate

wilton sporkWILTON — While most manufacturing has left this Western Maine town, a plastic cutlery mill in the East Wilton neighborhood is thriving. Committed to efficiently producing a quality product, Jarden Plastic Solutions has grown by leaps and bounds over the past six years, General Manager Steve Veilleux said. He attributed the company’s success to his team and the workers in the plant. A new injection molding machine, one that forms polystyrene pellets into plastic-ware, is expected to arrive this month. “It will fill the mill space,” he said. A division of Jarden Corp., Jarden Plastic Solutions is the company’s only mill in Maine. The company is considering adding a new building, as well as five more machines and potentially, about 30 new jobs to its 206 positions, he said. (read more about the Wilton spork magnate at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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