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Zumba prostitute pizza delivery testimony

Zumba prostitute pizza delivery testimonyALFRED — The manager of a pizza shop next to the Zumba studio in Kennebunk where Alexis Wright allegedly ran a prostitution business testified Thursday that when he delivered food to her home, Wright dropped the towel she was wearing and stood naked in front of him. Daniel Racaniello, manager of Toppings Pizza, said he went to the Cousens School Apartments in Kennebunk to deliver pasta to Wright. “She just had a towel on and I walked in, proceeded to the table and put the food down,” Racaniello said in York County Superior Court. “She was getting the money out, and off goes the towel. “It got a little awkward. She was just standing there in front of me, naked,” he said. “It was really awkward. She proceeded to walk over to me and handed me the money. It was $40 or $50. I told her the bill was only $8, and she told me to keep it.” (read more at Kennebec Journal)

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