The Boothbay Harbor Gig Has Been Canceled. I Wouldn’t Worry, It’s Not a Big Boating Town

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boothbay harborThe Fishermen’s Festival, a popular event which has been ushering in the spring season in Boothbay Harbor since 1974, is being discontinued by the Fishermen’s Memorial Fund committee, which maintains the fishermen’s memorial on the harbor’s east side and oversees the annual festival. The biggest reasons for the decision to end the annual event: Changes in the fishing industry and declining interest in participation. The Blessing of the Fleet and Memorial Service will continue, although the time of year is expected to change, and fundraisers for the upkeep of the memorial itself may be scheduled during the year. Some festival events have also been incorporated into the Windjammer Days festivities. (read more at the Boothbay Register)

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