That Wasn’t Chicken

that wasn't chicken

that wasn't chickenFARMINGTON —  State health officials worried about the public’s safety shut down the Fortune Fountain Chinese restaurant last week. An inspection revealed excessive violations of Maine’s Food Code, Lisa Roy and Rebecca Walsh said Thursday afternoon in Augusta. It was the second time in six months that excessive violations prompted an imminent health hazard suspension of owner Fortune Fountain Restaurant Inc.’s license to prepare and serve food, they said. Roy is the director of the Maine Department of Environmental Health’s Health Inspection Program, which regulates restaurants and lodging places, and Walsh is a supervisor. Nine critical violations and 15 noncritical violations were found, prompting license suspension for 30 days as of the May 1 inspection, Walsh said. Calls to the restaurant for comment on Thursday afternoon were answered by a recording saying the business is closed for renovations. That is also stated on the restaurant’s sign beside Route 2.  (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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