Telstar Students Shocked, Disoriented By Cache Of Musical Devices That Never Sent Steve Jobs 99 Cents


“I like this old stuff,” said Telstar High School student Adam Literak Saturday, as he looked through boxes at the Bethel Historical Society. Literak was one of a half dozen THS students who volunteered their time to help the Society move 35 years’ worth of collection items out of the storage room at the Moses Mason House. It’s part of a plan to renovate the second-floor room. The overhaul will include the installation of heating and cooling equipment to improve climate control for BHS archives on that floor of the 1813 building. As part of the project, hundreds of 19th and early 20th-century items were temporarily relocated downstairs to the exhibit hall. Among the items: an air-raid sand pail, a picnic box with real plates and silverware, a hearthside popcorn popper, a Victrola phonograph, photos, signs and dresses. There they will be examined, cleaned, photographed and re-catalogued into a recently-upgraded computer database. When the storage room is ready, they will be returned. The effort, said Executive Director Randy Bennett, “is the largest collections-management project in BHS history.” The students who helped Saturday learned a little history along the way. Even the method they used to move the artifacts had a lesson. Beginning at the storage room and stretching down the stairs and around the corner to the exhibit room, the students stood in a line and handed objects from person to person. (read more at BethelCitizen)