Supreme Court Rules 5-4 That Health Care Law Would Be Constitutional If Someone Else Wrote It

supreme court

health care lawWASHINGTON – Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday joined the Supreme Court’s liberals to save the heart of President Obama’s landmark health care law, agreeing that the requirement for nearly all Americans to secure insurance is permissible under Congress’ taxing authority. The court’s 5 to 4 ruling was a stunning legal conclusion to a battle that has consumed American politics for two years. Roberts’ compromise offered a dramatic victory for Obama and Democrats’ decades-long effort to enact a health-care law, and a bitter defeat for Republicans and tea party activists, who had uniformly opposed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The decision keeps in place the largest new social program in a generation, a major overhaul of the health care system that could extend coverage to about 30 million Americans.  (read more at the Wall Street Journal)

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