Summer Movie Preview Reassures Nervous Moviegoers They’ll Be Able to Watch People Milling Around In Some Sort of Spaceship

summer movie preview

summer movie previewAs always, it seems a bit silly to be writing a summer movie preview so far in advance of summer. Still, Hollywood has extended the season, turning the beginning of May into our summer starting point. So here we are. 2016 has a lot of what you’d expect – over a dozen sequels and a handful of remake/reboot-type offerings. There are a whole lot of superheroes – or supervillains, if that’s more your thing. There are some big-time animated films as well. Some massive movie universes are going to continue to advance their stories. So too will some long-running action franchises. There will be some sequels that surprise you because they took so long to come to fruition and others that surprise you with the fact that they exist at all. (read more at the Maine Edge)

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