Strident Opponents To Tar Sands Pipeline Beginning To Wonder If They Should Find Out What Tar Sands Are

Tar sands discussed at Bethel Selectmen meeting

Tar sands discussed at Bethel Selectmen meetingA member of the local citizen group which supported a resolution opposing the possible flow of “tar sands” oil through the nearby Portland-Montreal Pipe Line said Friday their work is not done, despite a defeat of the resolution at last week’s Bethel Town Meeting. Bethel voters easily rescinded the resolution originally approved at a special town meeting in January. The resolution opposed a potential reversal of the direction of oil flow through a Portland-Montreal Pipeline Co. pipeline that passes through Bethel as it carries crude oil to Montreal. Pipeline officials who attended the January meeting never got a chance to present their case before residents voted. Bud Kulik, who circulated a petition to bring about the revote, told residents last week that if they rescinded the vote, “we can go back to square one. The proponents can always bring it up again, if they wish to do so.” That point was echoed by Larry Wilson, president/CEO of the Portland-Montreal Pipe Line. He said resolution proponents “have every right to do another resolution, and all we want to do is try to protect the operations that have been here for 72 years, to come and participate in the discussion, and be happy to accept the results.” Wilson said the resolution, which he acknowledged is not legally binding was intended by proponents “to send a message that all of the community is supporting for the elected officials in Maine to keep oil sands opportunities out of Maine.” (read more at Bethel Citizen)