Stephen King, Who Lives In A Mansion Paid For By A Book And Movie That Gleefully Depicts A Misfit Murdering Everyone In The Local School Over Taunts, Tries His Hand At Writing Humor And Says The NRA Is To Blame For Sandy Hook


CarrieBANGOR, Maine — Best-selling Maine horror writer — and gun owner — Stephen King thrust himself into the national debate over gun control Friday with the release of a new Kindle essay on Amazon. In his Kindle Single “Guns,” King reacts to the recent massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School and other mass shootings by calling for tougher nationwide gun control measures, or “reasonable measures” — including a ban on semiautomatic weapons, and clips and magazines of more than 10 rounds. He also advocates for comprehensive, universal background checks — including a waiting period and stiff penalties for those who lie about their pasts in order to obtain weapons. “Here’s how it shakes out,” the essay begins, as it launches into a description of the steps in which the nation sees a school massacre, namely the one at Sandy Hook. From the shooting itself, to initial breaking news reports, to confirmed deaths, to details, to corrections. (read more at Bangor Daily News)