South Portland City Council Advised to Wait Until Businessmen Leave the Room to Call Them Bloodsucking Nazis

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city councilSOUTH PORTLAND — The city’s “political climate poses a threat” to its ability to attract new businesses, according to an Economic Development Plan to be presented to the City Council next week. The formal plan, the city’s first in nearly 20 years, says South Portland is “at risk of being viewed as a difficult city in which to start, grow or locate businesses.” Drafted with help from Karl Seidman, a senior lecturer in economic development in the Urban Studies and Planning Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presentation of the plan on Feb. 17 will follow eight months of information gathering.  Assistant City Manager Josh Reny, members of the Economic Development Committee, and Rebecca Karp, president of Karp Strategies, collected information for the new plan through a resident survey, two community workshops, focus groups, and interviews. (read more at the Forecaster)

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