Sousaphone Salesman’s Wife Urges Rangeley to Start a School Band for Some Unknown Reason


rangeley lakes marching bandRANGELEY — At Tuesday night’s school board meeting, Ginger Castle spoke on behalf of her husband, Toby, who wants to organize Rangeley Lakes Regional School’s first band in 20 years. The first part of getting the band started, obtaining the instruments, could already be in place, she said. Toby Castle runs The One Man Band, a music supply company, specifically tailored to school bands. With that business set to come into town, Castle has offered to rent instruments to Rangeley students for a year. They would only have to cover the price of an annual cleaning: $25. As part of his plan, Castle also offered to teach lessons, each would cost a student $11, with the school chipping in $4. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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