Skidompha Library to Show Robin Williams Movie Where He Talks Real Fast and Screams All His Lines. No, Not That One. The Other One

robin williams movie

skidompha libraryOn Thursday, May 26, the final offering of the Skidompha Library film series, “Read to Reel” program is from 1987: “Good Morning Vietnam,” starring Robin Williams. Screening time: 4-6 p.m. Imported by the military to host an early morning radio show, Cronauer (Williams) blasts the formerly serene, sanitized airwaves with a constant barrage of rapid-fire humor and the hottest hits from back home. The GIs love him, but the top brass is up in arms. Williams was nominated for an Oscar for his role and the film is on the list of the American Film Institute’s 100 Funniest Amercian Movies. (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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