Sierra Club Warns There’s A Danger That Something Might Happen Anywhere

Maine eas-west highwayPORTLAND, Maine — A new report by the environmental advocacy organization Sierra Club calls the proposed east-west highway that would run through Maine one of the worst transportation projects in the United States. The report, “Smart Choices, Less Traffic: 50 Best and Worst Transportation Projects,” cited negative effects on Maine’s air and water quality and wildlife habitat as reasons to oppose the proposed $2 billion, 220-mile, four-lane project. “We are firmly opposed to the construction of a new east-west highway because we have existing infrastructure such as the current east-west highway [U.S. Route 2] which needs [improvement],” said Karen Woodsum, campaign director for Sierra Club of Maine. The 220-mile highway would connect the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec from the border at Calais west to Coburn Gore. The privately funded highway would traverse Maine’s forested regions and provide truckers a faster route to rural areas where their goods need to be transported. (read more at Bangor Daily News)