In a Shocking Turn of Events, a Man Habitually Paid With Tax Money Favors Higher Fuel Taxes

Bridge. Maine news from The Rumford Meteor

fuel taxesAUGUSTA, Maine – How to fund future highway and bridge repairs and improvements was the big question today at the annual Maine Transportation Conference in Augusta. Fuel taxes are not keeping up with needs, but Gov. Paul LePage made it clear that he’ll block any effort to raise state gas taxes. LePage acknowledges, though, that an increase at the federal level might be needed. Maine is facing hundreds of millions of dollars in needed road upgrades and bridge repairs, as well as bridge replacements. But, the fuel tax at both the state and federal level that provides more than three quarters of the current funding is declining. Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood told hundreds at the conference that the federal gas tax needs to be increased for the United States as a whole to prosper. (read more at MPBN)

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