Selectman Can Totally Tell Man With Arms Crossed Ain’t Buying It

Edgecomb Selectman meeting

Edgecomb Selectman meetingIn reviewing Edgecomb’s town audits for 2012/2013, Town Auditor Fred Brewer discovered a calculation error. There were a few expenses that were left out of the commitment, which is the amount the town requires in taxes yearly from its residents and businesses. Budget Committee Chairman Northrup Fowler said that as a result, the tax rate was lower than it should have been. “The town didn’t collect enough money to cover expenditures,” he said at the Edgecomb Selectmen meeting March 10. “It was a calculation error.” To cover the expenditures, money was taken from the town’s surplus account, leaving those funds in need of restoring. Now selectmen have to figure out how to get that money back into the surplus fund. Fowler said that the town has been working slowly to build up the surplus, which he describes as “a cushion to carry the town through rainy days.” The town needs to come up with a projected budget to decide what to spend, he said. (keep reading at Wiscasset Newspaper)