Scarborough Trying To Unify Its Image By Imitating A Deranged Lunatic On The Overpass That Yells At Passing Cars

Scarborough maine lunatic signs

Scarborough maine lunatic signsSCARBOROUGH – You may not realize it, but Scarborough has a problem with its self-image. Sure, it’s an attractive location to folks looking to settle down, with a reputation even in the post-recession years for being one of the fastest-growing communities in the state, for both residential and commercial development. But what impression does it register on the people passing through? The answer is, not much. “For the average person, there’s really no landmark to signal to someone when they’ve entered Scarborough, when they’ve left it, or where there are in it,” said Town Manager Tom Hall. That’s why the town has spent $40,600 with Bailey Sign of Portland on 14 directional signs that will begin going up across town next week. It’s Phase 1 of a multi-stage program the town hopes will point people where they need to go, while creating a “sense of identity” with a unifying design scheme. (read more at The Current)