Sanford High Football Team Changes to Greek Mascot, Immediately Starts Borrowing Money From Germany and Goes on Strike

sanford spartans

sanford high school spartansSanford High School Spartans will take to the fields this fall after the community retired the Redskins mascot and moves on to a new chapter in school athletics. Students chose the new mascot, which features a war helmet, from a field of four options recently. The Spartans garnered 587 of the 1,325 votes, including those of students in grades 7-12 at Sanford High School and Sanford Junior High School, along with Acton Elementary School’s eighth-graders, who will be freshmen at Sanford High School in September. We’re pleased to see the schools and students moving on after this contentious issue came to a head this school year.The Maine Indian Tribal State Commission had urged the school department to retire the Redskins mascot for years, citing the offensiveness of the word as the main reason it should not be used. (read more at the Journal Tribune)

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