Sanford High Students Say Pit Bulls Are Plenty Lovable After You Pry Their Jaws Off The Toddler

Sanford High Pit Bull devotees

Sanford High Pit Bull devoteesSANFORD – Students from Sanford High School are teaming up with the Animal Welfare Society for a pit-bull advocacy event Sunday. Members of the school’s Jobs for Maine Graduates Club will be supporting the animal shelter’s mobile adoption team at Pet Life on Main Street in Sanford from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. The event serves as a way for Sanford students and the shelter to work together to raise awareness about pit bull terriers and the common, negative stereotypes that surround the breed. But it is also a way for students to become directly involved in community outreach programs. Jobs for Maine Graduates is a nonprofit organization in junior high and high schools throughout the state. Sanford has both programs, with the high school classes focusing on leadership development, social awareness and civic engagement. Melissa Small, a Jobs for Maine Graduates specialist, teaches all three programs at Sanford High. Her class is taken as an elective, and tries to instill simple employability skills such as dressing for an interview and making phone calls to potential employers. (read more at Weekly Observer)