Saco Woman Says Being A Witch Is A Hell Of A Lot Easier Than Being Jolly All The Time

Peni Bernard

Peni BernardSACO – Peni Bedard of Saco likes to say she’s firmly out of the closet – the broom closet, that is. A sign on her door welcomes all with a notice that “the witch is in.” At the time of year when witches are seen as one of the major icons of the Halloween mythology, Bedard is open about her paganism and her status as a witch. And the local coven she leads, called Hekate’s Children, is accepting new members. While she may get a lot of questions, she said, no one has ever ridiculed her or abused her. She calls herself a white witch, and does cast spells, but only for positive things, such as healing, prosperity, self-esteem or specific needs, like finding a new job. Bedard says she also is a psychic medium and can read Tarot cards. (read more at KeepMeCurrent)