Saco Police Say the Girl in the Office Has a Map on Facegoogle or Something

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maine policeSACO – The Saco Police Department and BAIR Analytics Inc. have partnered to provide an online crime map, called RAIDS Online, which analyzes crime data and allows the police department to quickly alert the public about crimes as they occur. Deputy Chief Jeffrey Holland said Saco citizens can view a map and grid with all reported crime in their area or sign up for reports that automatically email a breakdown of recent criminal activity. He said that RAIDS Online automatically syncs with the police department’s records system to keep information updated. The system provides basic information about the incidents, including the type of crime, the location, along with the date and time. “It’s important that the public be kept informed of what’s going on in their community, and this is an important tool to help us better communicate with our citizens,” said Brad Paul, Saco’s police chief. “We are committed to using every readily available means to share information with people.” (read more at Keep Me Current)