Saco Man Considering Donating Huge Collection of Books He Purchased at Library Book Sales to a Library or Something


 library book salesSACO — In Josh Vanjani’s basement lay stacks of books, many still unread, compiled through years of collecting. Most of them have to do with philosophy – Plato, Aristotle and the like, a subject that Vanjani finds fascinating. And most of them were collected at the Dyer Library’s annual library book sales in Saco, at which such treasures can be found on the cheap. The book sale, which lasts until Aug. 6, kicked off Saturday, and Vanjani wove his way through tightly clustered packs of bibliophiles to find what he was looking for: More philosophy to add to the volumes already awaiting his insatiable appetite. “I just find it interesting,” he said. (read more at the Journal Tribune)

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