Deertrees Theatre Operators Can’t Explain Why Vacationers Don’t Want to See Portly Actors in Plaid Flannel Shirts Singing Damn Yankees

Deertrees Theatre

Deertrees TheatreHARRISON – Like the aged hemlock timbers that form the exterior of the Lakes Region’s iconic cultural center set deep in the woods, Deertrees Theatre & Cultural Center in Harrison has survived all kinds of storms, both natural and economic, in its 76 years in business. This summer, it is facing another one. Due to what has been called overspending on past management’s part and the realization that it needs to rethink the way it does business, the theater is offering a reduced slate of shows in an attempt to recover financially and prepare for a profitable 2013 season. According to Al Glover, president of Deertrees’ 12-member board of directors, the theater ran into some money troubles when expenditures outpaced revenue. (read more Bulwer-Lytton reporting at LakesRegionWeekly)

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